About Lakeview

Named for the area near Capitol Beach Lake, Lakeview School was a one-teacher school on West P Street until 1923 when the present building was constructed at 300 Capitol Beach Boulevard. Additions were added to the original building in 1963 and 1974. Currently, Lakeview is the academic home of approximately 300 kindergarten through fifth grade students from five different neighborhood areas.

Small class size and a dedicated staff make this learning environment ideal. Lakeview’s Community Learning Center offers a broad range of before and after school learning opportunities for students and along with the Lakeview Parent Teacher Organization sponsors activities that strengthen the partnership between the school and families.

Mission Statement

Team Lakeview believes that education is a foundation of life’s successes. Through purposeful instruction, guidance, and encouragement our students will excel and continuously grow.

Vision Statement

Team Lakeview will prepare students to be college and career ready by ensuring that we remain research-based, student centered, and use embedded digital content within our daily instruction. School faculty and staff will actively participate in ongoing training and continue to be student data focused to make learning consistently accessible to all students. Staff, parents, students, and community stakeholders will partner to encourage students to excel and perform at their maximum potential.  Using technology, teachers will facilitate collaborative conversations and guided instruction that will help students lead their own learning.


Our school, in cooperation with Lincoln Public Schools, the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools and the Realtors’ Assocation of Lincoln has created a downloadable brochure that details some important information and statistics about Lakeview Elementary School. You may download it here. (The free Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view it)

Our School Improvement Goal

Students will improve math skills across all grade levels.

Students will improve overall reading skills across all grade levels.